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15 mm

Baueda have a growing range of figures mostly sculpted by M Campagna.

The Vikings were first produced by 50paces of Canada.

All figures are designed to be compatible, and mix well with, Essex Miniatures.


Last updated

12 February 2016

15 mm: Emishi, 500 - 1100 AD

Early medieval Japanese - historical overview

Code Description Price
15EMI1 Emishi foot archers (8).
15EMI2 Emishi heavy archers (8).
15EMI3 Emishi mounted (4).
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15 mm: Special Packs

A little something different

Code Description Price
AUC01 Romans (fatigue dress) digging (8).
AUC02 Romans (fatigue dress) removing rocks and soil (8).
15PIG1 Incendiary pigs (4).
Camillan Roman 400BC - 275BC.
15PIG2 Domestic pigs (6).
Add variety.
15YAY Ottoman Javelinmen (8).
Yaya, late 14th - 15th Century.
15JDA Joan d'Arc at the stake.
40 by 40 mm base.

Temporarily out of stock

Click Code links for pictures.

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Painted example of Emshi

Pack sizes

Foot (8)
Mounted (4)
Specials as listed

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