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03 May 2015

Clearance Items

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Basing Accessories - Static grass

Campaign Games - 18 mm Napoleonic Austrians

Impetus - Impetus Extra Supplement #1


Last few remaining copies.

Code Description Price
VEN IMEX01 Impetus Extra, Volume 1. £15.00
Last copy! Click code link for details

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Static Grass

Last few remaining packs.

Code Description Price
GM172 Moorland grass. 30g.
Dark green.
£2.00 £2.50
Last pack!

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Campaign Games 18 mm: Napoleonic Wars

Last pack.

Code Description Price
CGA001F German infantry in helmet, marching.
20 infantry and 4 command.
£10.00 £11.15
Last pack!

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Wargames miniatures and accessories are not toys, may contain lead, and are unsuitable for children under 14 years old.