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Books and Rules

The books shown are specially selected to provide vital reference materials for wargamers.

Many of the books are published by Freezywater who have been publishing specialist books on the late medieval period for over fifteen years.

The rules section offers a selection of fast play wargames rules to complement the figure ranges in stock.

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11 November 2015

Wargames rules

Fast play guaranteed

Conflict at the World's End - fast play Renaissance for small actions.

Pike & Plunder v2.0 - Italian Wars campaign rules.

Conflict at the World's End v 2.0 (Pdf edition)

Wargame rules for small actions in the Age of Discovery

Designed by Irregular Wars the pdf bundle features a pdf of rules, 48 army lists, quick reference charts, some useful diagrams, as well as campaign rules, scenarios and a pdf of optional chance cards.

The pdfs are optimized for screen reading and can be printed equally well on either A4 or US letter paper.

Conflict at the World's End v 2.0

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Printed Rules & Chance Cards
Printed copies of the rules are available from Amazon and sets of full colour chance cards are available . All orders for printed copies & cards are handled separately and do not from part of any order placed with Vexillia.

Looking for v1.5?
If you would like to buy the previous version it's still available as are the free sample pages and army lists. You can order A5/A4 or A5/US letter editions from Wargame Vault.

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Pike & Plunder v 2.0 (Pdf edition)

Campaign Rules for the Italian Wars

Pike & Plunder is a set of card driven campaign rules for the Italian Wars and comprises a set of five high quality pdfs. During a campaign the decisive battles can be fought with any table-top rule set such as DBR, Maximilian v2.0 or Impetus.

Pike & Plunder is available in both A4 and US letter sizes so before ordering ensure you select the right paper size.

Pike & Plunder v2.0

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Medieval reference books

Quality information with lots of flags, maps and illustrations

Hobilar Archive

The first fifty issues on CD

The first CD from the archive contains the issues 1 to 50 of Hobilar, the journal of the Lance & Longbow Society.

First published in August 1991, Hobilar features articles on medieval warfare from the early 11th century to the early sixteenth century, as well as many flags and banners of the period.

To preserve the wealth of information and detail presented in Hobilar over the years the issues have been scanned, lovingly restored, and converted to pdf format.

Hobilar Archive
  • £12.00 each.
  • 50 A5 issues as pdfs.
  • Ideal for ebook readers.
  • Over 2,500 pages of articles.
  • Nearly 100 full colour pages.
  • Indexed by issue, period & flags.
  • Free sample issue.
Publication date: 04 May 2012.

Vexillia Limited is handling all general sales and society discounts do not apply to this item. Members of the Lance & Longbow Society (LALS) are advised to buy their copy from the LALS web shop.

The Baron's War

Collected articles from the Hobilar

An extensive history of the Barons' War in 13th century England. Covers the build up to the War; the Northampton and Lewes campaign; the Evesham campaign; and the aftermath. 68 pages plus 8 colour pages, A5, full cover card cover.

Baron War
  • £12.00 each.
  • Full descriptions of the battles.
  • 13 battle and campaign maps.
  • 8 colour pages with 36 flags and pennons.
  • Wargamers notes
  • Bibliography.
  • Free sample pages.

Marignano 1515: The Battle & The Commanders

Collected articles from the Hobilar

A detailed monograph covering not only the battle but also the 43 commanders of the Swiss, Milanese, Venetians and the French. 52 pages, A5, full cover card cover.

Baron War
  • £7.50 each.
  • Detailed description of the batlle.
  • Two battle maps.
  • 43 Commanders listed and described.
  • 14 full colour flags & banners.
  • Heraldic notes.
  • Free sample pages.

Poleaxed Sourcebooks

Everything a wargamer needs to know about the battles of the Wars of the Roses

A two volume set covering all the major battles of the wars of the Roses:
  • Volume I - First St Albans (1455) to Towton (1461).
  • Volume II - Hedgeley Moor (1464) to Stoke Field (1487).
Both volumes are A5 and card bound.

  • £13.00 for the two volume set.
  • Blazons of major personalities.
  • Detailed orders of battle and maps.
  • Full descriptions of the battles.
  • Special scenario rules.
  • Fully indexed rolls of honour.
  • Vol 1 and Vol 2 free samples.
  • Convert Poleaxed lists to DBM and Vis Bellica.

Standards, Badges & Livery Colours

Still the best work on the subject for wargamers

This 1992 book details the livery colours of many key personalities of the Wars of the Roses as well as illustrating many of the distinctive standards of the period. 50 page volume. A5 and card bound.

Cover thumb
  • £9.00 each.
  • Explanations of standard & liveries.
  • 117 standards described.
  • 36 standards in full colour.
  • 37 badges with black and white illustrations.
  • 68 mottoes listed.
  • Bibliography.
  • Flags available separately.

Heraldic Banners of the Wars of the Roses

Seriously detailed information - not for the faint hearted

This three volume set, completed in 1997, provides both the biographic and heraldic details of over 900 personalities from the Wars of the Roses. Covers both the major and the minor players. Three volume set. A5 and card bound.

Cover thumb
  • £25.00 for the three volume set.
  • Preface.
  • 288 banners in full colour.
  • Over 900 people described.
  • 127 pages of biographies and heraldry.
  • Fully indexed.
  • Select bibliography.
  • Flags available separately.

The Battle of Towton 1461

On Palm Sunday 1461, 70,000 men fought and 28,00 died

Covers the events from Ludford Bridge 1459 up to Towton itself and includes chapters on the battles of Northampton 1460, Wakefield 1460, Mortimers Cross 1461, and 2nd St Albans 1461 to explain why the battle took place. 56 page volume. A5 and card bound.

Cover thumb
  • £6.00 each.
  • Build up to 6 battles.
  • 6 battles described in detail.
  • 8 maps and many illustrations.
  • Roll of Honour for Towton.
  • Bibliography.
  • Flags available separately.

The Battle of Barnet 1471

On Easter Sunday, Warwick the Kingmaker died at Barnet

As well as the the battle of Barnet and the clash between Warwick and Edward IV the volume also covers the events of the Lincolnshire Rebellion of 1470 and the subsequent batttle of Empingham, better known as Losecoat Field. 40 page volume. A5 and card bound.

Cover thumb
  • £6.00 each.
  • Full campaign history.
  • Covers Losecoat Field & Barnet.
  • 8 campaign & battle maps.
  • 2 full colour pages with 12 banners.
  • Flags available separately.

The Battle of Tewkesbury 1471

One of the most famous battles of the Wars of the Roses

An acount fo the military aspects of this famous battle based on contemporary sources plus a reprinting of Geoffrey Wheeler's "Battle of Tewkesbury Roll of Arms" a much sought after reference for wargamers. 56 page volume. A5 and card bound.

Cover thumb
  • £7.00 each.
  • Full campaign & battle history.
  • 1 campaign and 2 battle maps.
  • 80 biographies & heraldry.
  • 4 full colour pages depicting 80 arms.
  • Flags available separately.

Burgundian Army of Charles The Bold

A major work on Charles' army and their standards

An extensive history of the 15th century Burgundian army. The result of four years research covering material previously unavailable in English. 62 page volume. A5 and card bound.

burgundy (4K)
  • £15.00 each.
  • Overview of army organisation.
  • 5 battles & sieges described and maps.
  • 12 colour pages with 92 banners etc.
  • 27 Ordonnance Company standards.
  • 17 Commander's biographies.
  • Bibliography.
  • Flags available separately.

The Samogitians, Sword Brothers and Saule 1260

The result of twenty years research by author Bob Black

Covers the complete history of the Sword Brothers from their creation to their demise following their catastrophic defeat by the Samogitians in 1236. 40 page volume. A5 and card bound.

  • £6.50 each.
  • The Samogitians & Knights of the Sword.
  • The Northern Crusades.
  • The Battle of Saule with map.
  • The Pagan and Christians armies.
  • 5 full page, line drawings of common troops.
  • Free sample pages.
  • Bibliography.

Janos Hunyadi & the Turkish Invasions of Hungary

The result of Twelve years research by author Bob Black

This book is an extensive history of the 15th century Turkish invasions of Hungary. 61 page volume. A5 and card bound.

Hunyadi (4K)
  • £7.50 each.
  • The career of Janos Hunyadi.
  • Roles of Vlad Dracul and Jan Jiska.
  • Battles of Varna, Kossovo, & White Castle.
  • 7 battle maps etc.
  • 16 full colour painted banners.
  • Bibliography.
  • Flags available separately.

Friedrich the Victorious 1425-1476

German Prince Elector of the Holy Roman Empire & renowned military strategist

A well illustrated book covering the reign of an interesting German Prince Elector of the Holy Roman Empire and renowned military strategist. This 1993 book combines history with description of the main military events and heraldry of the period. 52 page volume. A5 and card bound.

Cover thumb
  • £7.50 each.
  • Battles of Pfeddersheim and Seckenheim.
  • Freidrich's military career.
  • Notes on the art of war in the period.
  • 24 full colour heraldic flags and biographies.
  • 4 maps and 2 pages of colour.
  • Glossary of German terms.
  • Bibliography.

Napoleonic reference books

Quality information with flags, maps and illustrations

The Ottoman Empire and the Napoleonic Wars

A guide for wargamers

This booklet covers the Ottoman Empire of the Napoleonic Wars. It is a study of the large armies that fought more major battles against European powers than Prussia and inflicted Napoleon's first defeat at Acre in 1799.

The Ottoman Empire and the Napoleonic Wars was written by W E Johnson & C Bell in 1988. This second edition is much revised and is an ideal complement to the Vexillia range of miniatures.

There is a five page section on organising an army including a useful table showing the differences between the Ottoman armies in Europe, Egypt & the Middle East.

The Ottoman Empire and the Napoleonic Wars
  • £6.00 each.
  • 38 page wargamers guide.
  • 16 line ilustrations.
  • 8 flags in black & white.
  • 1 double page map.
  • A5, stapled, plain card cover.
  • Contents and publication details.
  • Publication date: 1988.
  • Limited stocks.

Soldiers of the Ottoman Empire (Pdf edition)

A painting guide for wargamers

This guide covers the Napoleonic period (1787 to 1820) but it is not intended as an exhaustive study. Rather, it offers a clear and straight forward reference to help you paint your army for the tabletop. All major units of the Ottoman field army are represented here, as are many of the provincial forces.

Soldiers of the Ottoman Empire was written by Mark Kernan in 2006, primarily with wargamers in mind, and released in conjunction with a range of miniatures now owned by Vexillia. This edition has been redesigned and re-branded.

The guide is available as an A5 pdf, optimized and suitable for ebook readers and tablets.

Soldiers of the Ottoman Empire
  • A5 ebook friendly version.
  • 19 page detailed painting guide.
  • 16 colour photographs.
  • Details for every pack in the range.
  • Free sample pages.
  • Published: Friday, 11 July 2011.

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