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Medieval Painting Guides

Thirteen guides with a wealth of heraldic and colour information.

Each A4 guide consists of black and white line drawings.

All colours are labelled in Italian as are some of the names but there's a free translation guide available.


Last updated

15 June 2017

Painting Guides - Sets

Covers 1200 - 1500 with information on many personaliities

Code Sets Price
PG 999 Set of 13.
Plus translation guide.
PG 000 Set of 13 bought with figures.
Plus translation guide.


Painting Guides - Individual Guides

Covers 1200 - 1500 with information on many personaliities

Code Individual Guides Price
PG 001 Teutonic knights. £0.06
PG 002 Teutonic knights. £0.06
PG 003 Fredrick II of Hohenstaufen, Holy Roman Emporer, 1194 - 1250. £0.06
PG 004 German knights, 13th century. £0.06
PG 005 European Kings, 13th century. £0.06
PG 006 German knights, 13th century. £0.06
PG 007 Knights from the battle of Campaldino, 1289. £0.06
PG 008 German knights, 13th century. £0.06
PG 009 Italian knights, 13th and 14th century. £0.06
PG 010 English knights, 14th century. £0.06
PG 011 English and French archers and crossbowmen, 1300 - 1400. £0.06
PG 012 French knights and cavalry, 1360 -1450. £0.06
PG 013 Italian Condotteri, 15th century. £0.06
Individual guides only available with figures.
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