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Vexillia Flags

These are for periods not normally covered or are hard to find.

They are simple, stylised flags without textures or cloth effects so they look striking on the table.

First released December 2016.

Size Options

The flags are available in three sizes: 18, 20 & 22 mm tall at the hoist.

The bigger versions are slightly over size to match modern 18 mm figures.

Larger versions are available on request as are sheets containing multiple copies of any one flag.

Last updated

06 August 2017

15 / 18 mm TYW Infantry

Ideal for Early German Protetsant Armies.

Code Description Price
VF001 Electoral Saxon Militia 1620 (1)
(8 different flags).
VF002 Electoral Saxon Militia 1620 (2)
(8 different flags).
VF003 Electoral Saxon Militia 1620 (3)
(8 different flags).
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Vexillia Flags

Pack sizes

Flags (8)


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